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Packing Tips

Posted by on Wednesday, October 21st, 2015 at 10:08am.

Moving seems easy enough… just buy boxes, fill the boxes with your stuff, and move them to your new house. Well, for anyone who’s ever moved before, you know that moving day is anything but easy. So why not make sure you’re ready ahead of time, to minimize the stress on the day of?

Start as far in advance as you can, by doing simple tasks such as collecting newspapers to wrap your breakables in, and saving boxes you receive when shopping. To ease the process even more, make a plan that every time you save a box, you’ll fill it right away with things you won’t need until you’re moved into your new place. You can also start filling your car with clothes and toys to bring to the Salvation Army or any second hand shop. You don’t need to make a point to go out of your way to drop them off, but if you have them in your car and happen to be driving by a place where you can unload them, then that’s one less thing to worry about on moving day.

Once you get closer to the day of the move, and the packing is in full swing, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. For example, avoid packing your boxes too heavy, not only are they harder to move but there's also a good chance they will break. You should also pack one room at a time and don't move on to the next room until you finished the previous. It also helps to label boxes based on how you would like your new house to be set up, not based on where the materials in the box are found in your old house.

And finally, make sure to pack a few boxes containing your essentials that will stay with you rather than going in the moving truck. Your essentials box should contain enough clothes to last you atleast a week (including pajamas, work clothes, and casual outfits) a few utensils and plates to eat off of while your unpacking, your toiletries, towels, toilet paper, a first aid kit, any electronics you will need (a phone charger or laptop) and so on.

If you keep these few simple packing tips in mind, your moving day will surely be a less stressful and more exciting event!

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