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Packing Tips for Moving on a Budget

Posted by on Friday, October 21st, 2016 at 1:54pm.

Purchasing a new home can get expensive. Even if you’re downsizing, you often end up buying new furniture to fit the needs of your new home. The last thing you want to worry about is spending a bunch of money on packing and the move itself. Here are some tips on how to keep the cost down when relocating to your new home.

  1.        If you’re planning on using movers, get a few different quotes from different companies and use try to negotiate a lower price. With that being said, you’re trusting these movers with all of your belongings so make sure you’re using a reputable company. Check Yelp, their Facebook Business Page and Google for reviews by other customers.
  2.        If you are doing a long distance move, consider a moving company that moves several people in one go, using one truck. This way the cost will be lower as you’re sharing the expense of the movers wage and the gas for the truck. With that being said, often these companies keep your belongings for a few days as it takes time to pack in everyone’s stuff and then unpack it all. If this is the case you’re going to want to pack yourself a suitcase and maybe find a friend to stay with until your belongings arrive.
  3.        The moment you decide you want to move, even before closing on your new place, start thinking about boxes. Ask friends and colleagues for their old boxes, ask for a box instead of bags at the grocery store and liquor store. And if absolutely necessary, find a store that is selling used boxes rather than new.
  4.        Keep in mind that most of your bills require notice before cancelling them or transferring them to a new address. Although most bills require 30 days, some require 60, so to be safe you’re better off just calling each company right away and alerting them of your move date.
  5.        Donate or sell the stuff you don’t use anymore. Of course if your things are in good shape, selling them will make you more money but it may also take up more of your time. Alternatively you can donate your items so that you have less to move!
  6.        Go to the dollar store. The dollar store for movers is like a candy store to kids. You can get cheap cleaning materials to clean while you pack. You can also get cheap sheets and towels to wrap up breakables, and there are tons of storage devices to help you pack!

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