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Do it Yourself: Declutter and Organize your Home

Posted by on Friday, September 30th, 2016 at 4:36pm.

Was spring cleaning the last time you decluttered your house? Are you feeling a bit unorganized and unprepared for the change in weather and wardrobe? Well here are a few tips and tricks to get you back on track and organized.

  1.        Buy plastic containers for the shelves of the fridge. If you have kids you can use a bin for each of their lunches, or you can organize the bins based on the products in them.
  2.        Rather than just getting a laundry bin that everyone dumps all their clothes in, get three or four smaller bins. One for whites, one for darks, one for colours, and one for towels/linens.
  3.        Plan your meals ahead of time! Spend a few minutes before every grocery shopping trip and plan out the snacks and meals you will be having. That way you’ll know what to buy at the store and don’t have to rack your brain trying to get creative with your ingredients after a long day at the office.
  4.        Buy wall mounted flower pots and fill them with kitchen equipment to get it off the counter. You can even throw a few plants in some of the pots to make it a decoration as well.
  5.        Buy seven bags/ clothes hangers, label them with days of the week, and decide your outfits for the week on Sunday. That way you can sleep in for an extra 15-30 minutes in the morning.
  6.        Transform your unused picture frames into whiteboards and use them to write down reminders and lists.
  7.        Let’s face it, do you fix things or clean things more often? Probably clean. So why not buy an empty toolbox and fill it with cleaning supplies so that no matter what the mess, you’re prepared!
  8.        Start buying socks that are all the same colour so that it doesn’t matter when one gets lost. Then, rather than matching them up after doing laundry, just throw them all in a bin together. 

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