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Back to School

Posted by on Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 at 2:48pm.

The kids are headed back to school! Some of you out there may be jumping for joy, cracking open a bottle of wine and basking in the silence of your house. It’s a good day!

Back to school means more than a return to routine and normalcy; it means the streets and sidewalks are filled with children on their way to school. It means, road safety. 

So here’s what you need to know to avoid a ticket and also help keep the kids safe on the roads. 

  1.       Distracted driving: You can get a ticket for talking on your handheld device, looking at it while at a stoplight, or even changing a song on your IPod. The best thing to do is keep all your devices out of arm’s reach. If you are caught using any device the penalty can range from $400-$1000 and a maximum of 3 demerit points. 
  2.       Rolling a stop: Police are going to be watching stop signs throughout the month of September. With kids on the streets and winter fast approaching, there is no point risking it. Take the extra two seconds and stop completely.
  3.       Check your blind spots when turning: You come up to a stop and want to make a quick right, but you didn’t see that there was a child biking on the inside. Always check your blind spots before turning and be patient. Yes, there will be crowds of kids crossing intersections at peak times, so there’s no point getting antsy about it.
  4.       School buses: Pay attention to the school buses. Those large red stop signs that pop out from the side of the bus when the doors open are there for a reason.

Slow down, take your time, and relax. We’re all trying to get home, so try and show a little understanding and compassion to the driver next to you. Treat every neighbourhood that you drive through like it were your own. That way, we’ll all slow down and be mindful of those around us. 

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